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Movement conservatives will soon come to a crossroad of tough decisions with regards to the 2012 Presidential Election. In one direction a bus will travel containing those who wish to protest against a political party that has betrayed them time and again. A bus traveling the other direction will carry those who look beyond grudges and focus on the defeat of Barack Obama, regardless of who the nominee is.

I used to be with the first group. In fact, in 2008 I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and Bob Barr in the general. For the record, though, my vote was nothing more than a protest vote. In the primary my first pick was Fred Thompson. When Thompson bailed I couldn’t find a candidate who I felt filled the gap. In the general my vote didn’t matter because I lived in Chicago, Illinois and Obama was taking the state regardless of who I chose. With that in mind I refused to hand John McCain a freebie when I didn’t have to.

In the past I’ve been of the mindset that I refuse to play the “lessor of two evils” game. I feel that Republicans threw away their chance at completely turning back the tide of government growth under the Bush Administration. They went even further by expanding government and kicking off a wave of bailouts that mushroomed into an unstoppable avalanche under Democrats in 2009 and beyond.

When I look at the past 20 years, all I see is government expansion, spending increases and job killing regulation across the board. The only part of it that changed when political parties lost or gained power is the speed through which it happened.

Getting back to the crossroads… I hope with everything in me that primary voters make educated, sound decisions in the voting booth and at the caucuses. If we as a primary electorate choose a “2nd Tier” or non-establishment candidate (aka, not Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich) I hope we choose an individual who isn’t too radical for independent voters. If we choose an establishment candidate, I hope the winning candidate will immediately embrace those who were not there the entire primary and invite us to be a part of the process going into the general.

I hate that I’m having to look at the scenario through the lens of political reality, but I think it would be incredibly dangerous at this point in the life of our nation to not consider the implications of every decision we make. I know my friends who support Ron Paul are going to flip their lids that I’m saying this, but I’m not going to pretend there is some other form of reality.

The REAL scenario is this:

1) Barack Obama, while seemingly unpopular right now, has a year and a half to put on a new blockbuster campaign show and make some 50,000,000 voters feel good about themselves.

Furthermore, while he’s off to a slow start, he’ll likely be able to raise close to a BILLION dollars and then have a union/external campaign arm raise several hundred million more.

2) Independent voters are KEY in 2012. While Independent voters do not show signs of happiness with Barack Obama, they’ve also made it clear they don’t care for several declared and potential GOP candidates.

3) Movement activists are already suggesting that if someone like Mitt Romney wins, they’ll stay home and sit out the general election.

Look, I can most certainly understand the desire to get revenge on a party that has been less than stellar in helping us elect true conservatives in 2010 and earlier. I fully get that we’re all frustrated with most members of Congress for not going far enough in the fight for our freedom and survival of our nation.

Let me tell you this, though. Time is of the essence. If we gain the Senate yet lose the White House, we lose our nation. If we continue on with a President who refuses to allow any significant reform or cuts to spending occur, we’re finished.

We have a House of Representatives who would actually do some VERY good things for us, if they could do so without a liberal Senate and White House standing in the way. While a Mitt Romney or other “establishment” candidate might not fight for us like we want, he or she wouldn’t stand in the way like Barack Obama would. He or should would certainly not openly declare war against our rights, the Constitution and the American economy.

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves as 2012’s election cycle comes near is “who does this benefit?” If your decision benefits your grudge against a political party that you wish would align more strongly with you, yet also benefits a party that seeks to rip the foundation of our great nation out from under us… why then would you make that decision?

Yes, one decision may only result in prolonging the downward spiral, but right now we need to buy time. Like I said, time is of the essence. We don’t have much of it left and if we make it easy for our political foes to grab a stranglehold on the next four years… we’re finished.

I leave you with this. Be an involved activists in this primary season. Be passionate about your candidate and do your best to help them succeed when primary day comes. Continue defining your primary opponents and do the best you can to educate others on the facts of the elections.

But do nothing that would benefit Barack Obama and his ilk in Washington. If your candidate loses in the primary, join the battle in unity behind whoever comes out as the general candidate against Barack Obama. Regardless of who it is. Regardless of how you feel about him/her.

Stand behind them and pick up your political sword of activism. If we as a nation survive through election night of 2012, our future will depend on our ability to hand defeat to Obama’s regime in Washington.

I for one will stand with whomever comes out of the GOP primary. I will set aside my differences and I will join efforts with the intention to defeat a common enemy.

If you don’t share that attitude and we lose, the blame will be squarely on your shoulders.

-Eric Odom

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