Tea Party Unites Against Obama and Establishment GOP in Debt Ceiling Fight

Last week Grassfire Nation and Patriot Action Network, one of the tea party movement’s largest networks of activists (more than 1.8 million nationwide), launched BeltwayAddicts.com. On July 25, 2011, the newly formed coalition will host Congressman Adam Kinzinger on a national Tele-Townhall that will kick off what the group calls “National Government Spending Addiction Intervention Week.”

The Tea Party fueled effort will include a serious of actions through the last week of July and most of August aimed at making a clear statement to Washington… cut the spending now. Grassfire Nation’s Cut, Cap and Balance petition currently holds more than 100,000 signatures and the group’s membership is strongly opposed to any deal that would increase the spending limit (debt ceiling) without extraordinary cuts and ZERO tax hikes in the process.

The group is forming a coalition and plans a major grassroots push through the end of the month. The coalition has already brought Twitter to life this weekend, organizing thousands of Tweets on Twitter using the hashtags #predeclined and #twitterteaparty.

The coalition already includes groups such as Don’t Spread my Wealth, Florida Panhandle Patriots, Patriot Freedom, Traditional American Movement, NJ 2011 Project, Morristown Tea Party, New Jersey Tea Party, United Tea Party, Illinois Patriot Action Network, The Patriot Caucus, Grassfire Nation, Tea Party Nation and Patriot Action Network. Many more are being added Monday, according to organizers of the effort.

I’ll provide updates to this story as the campaign unfolds this coming week.

Eric Odom

(Disclaimer: Grassfire Nation owns and operates LibertyNews.com)