Liberal News Site Politico Readership Tanks

It’s no secret that online news hub Politico is a website that puts in extra effort for the leftist narrative. Politico is notorious for writing constant hit pieces slamming the tea party movement, often times flinging shallow accusations and allegations in a manner aimed at creating a false perception about the movement.

More recently Politico made headlines by seeding and fueling a slew of hit pieces against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. As a post put together by Legal Insurrection shows… Politico had a bit of an axe to grind.

Just the stats:

Days as of 8 p.m. Eastern today since Politico broke the story - 7
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Herman Cain“: 138
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment“: 91
Politico news stories about or mentioning “sexual harassment” not involving Herman Cain: 0
Politico news stories showing what Herman Cain actually did: 0
Politico news stories showing specifically what Herman Cain was accused of: 0
Percentage drop in Herman Cain favorability rating as reported by Politico: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Solyndra“: 9
Politico news stories about or mentioning “Fast and Furious“: 3
Politico news stories about or mentioning “unemployment“: 17
Politico news stories about or mentioning “recession“: 14
Politico’s credibility self-destruction: Priceless

That’s a pretty damning report. Just 3 stories about or mentioning Fast and Furious, possibly one of the greatest political scandals of my time? And just 9 stories about or mentioning Solyndra, an Obama driven scandal that funneled half a billion into a failed company run by Obama supporters?

Americans see through this, though, according to a new report out by the Daily Caller. And if the report is correct, Politico isn’t getting much love as a result of the obvious bias.

Internet traffic and Web search measurement tools from several sources indicate that despite massive promotion efforts on MSNBC and in other venues, is rapidly losing readers, especially outside of Washington, D.C.

Measurements of U.S. Web traffic provided to The Daily Caller by Compete, Inc. indicate that the number of total monthly visits to dropped by 31.8 percent during the 18-month period that ended on October 31.

Even here at the Liberty News Network we’re in the process of removing all Politico links from our network blogrolls and trying to shift away from linking to or mentioning Politico stories. The web is a big place and there are plenty places to get information. If Politico is hell bent on damaging the view held by the majority of Americans, the majority of Americans will refuse to use Political as a source of information.

And the numbers appear to confirm this.

Eric Odom