Occupiers perform “citizens arrest” of Fox News van

Fox News
Image by FatBusinessman via Flickr

Apparently Occupy protesters aren’t very friendly towards freedom of the press. At least, this is a conclusion you may come to after reading that D.C. Occupiers made a citizens arrest of a Fox News van.

It’s no secret that Occupy DC protesters aren’t exactly fans of Fox News. So when the protesters noticed a Fox van illegally parked on K Street Monday, they took advantage of the situation.

Several dozen protesters surrounded the empty van, which had already received a parking ticket from the city, and placed a handwritten “Citizen’s Arrest” ticket on the windshield.

Yes, the Fox van was illegally parked. And yes, the driver was ticketed. But if their complaint was the van being illegally parked, don’t they have an issue with hypocrisy? Especially considering that Occupy D.C. is currently in violation of no-camping rules?

Occupy demonstrators in Washington DC have chosen to stand their ground in the face of newly-enforced anti-camping regulations – but protesters worry the authorities could move in at any moment.

The National Park Service in Washington announced it would enforce existing anti-camping rules – which bar demonstrators from holding camping gear, bedding and cooking supplies – at two parks that have served as a home to Occupy DC protesters since the fall. In response, demonstrators have turned the central feature of McPherson Square, a statue of General James B McPherson, into a makeshift tent, and have refused to comply with the orders.

And with regards to the earlier comment on freedom of the press, I bring that up because liberal bloggers and occupiers are complaining about journalists being removed from occupy rallies. So which is it? Are local laws/rules irrelevant or are they not? And should journalists be left to cover the events without harassment or not?

Eric Odom