Proof found that Obama really is trying to create jobs!

Beltway insiders won’t find this a surprise, but the rest of us certainly will. I know I did. You see, most of us out here in the real world have probably never even heard of the “Office of Opportunity, Inclusiveness and Compliance” over at the Library of Congress. The only reason I know of it is that a friend sent me this picture this morning. The image shows a peculiar office located inside the Library of Congress.

I have an inquiry in to a legislative specialist to try and identify a budget for this office. Here is what I know so far.

According to this PDF document, this department is in place to manage the Affirmative Action Program at the library of Congress. What kind of staff does it take to manage the Affirmative Action program?

  • Director
  • Special Assistant
  • ADA Program Manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Support Staff
  • Executive Assistant
  • EEO Specialist
  • EEO Intake
  • Convener/Mediator
  • Temporary Interpreter
  • Temporary Analyst

Now this is the 2011 staff. If we go back to the days when even bigger spenders ran the House and Senate (2007), we can include the following staff.

  • Deputy Director
  • Two more EEO Specialists
  • Two more Convener/Mediators
  • Affirmative Action Chief
  • Four Affirmative Action Specialists
  • Temporary Outreach Support Staffer
  • Two Interns

That’s quite a team of government workers to manage Affirmative Action, is it not? And guess what? The bureaucrats are looking for a new Director.  It pays nicely. $119,554.00 to $165,300.00 / Per Year for the the following.

Incumbent is responsible for planning and managing the Employment Discrimination Complaint Program, Cultural Exchange and Awareness Program, Selective Placement Program and partners with HRS on Recruitment Planning.

Gee… can anyone guess why we might be spending a little too much for government?

-Eric Odom