A Blogger Call to Arms

LibertyNews.com is fairly new to the online realm. We’ve spent the past 8 months building our platform and have only really come out of the gate with our content flow as of January this year. While we’re a new face as far as the site goes, we’re growing and currently hitting our stride at 5,000 pageviews per day. This is thanks to our readers, and much in part thanks to our team of veteran bloggers. They include Michael Becker, Candice Lanier, Alex Knepper, Vanguard of Freedom and Ken Marrero (Blue Collar Muse).

Being a blogger driven news site, we get the importance of new media in today’s information war. We also get the importance of helping other bloggers when the call comes for it. Today that call comes. Please carefully read about each of the two following situations and do anything, everything you can to help our friends in the movement.


In a world where money grows on trees and everything is free we wouldn’t have to worry about costly health issues. As much as the left would love for this utopia to be reality, it isn’t. Money doesn’t grow on trees and nothing is free. Which is why we can’t depend of government to be there at every turn, and why some instances arise where we as free Americans need to, through private means, assist each other if/when we can.

Zilla of the Resistance, an excellent blogger and invaluable part of the messaging war we wage each day, is in the midst of a fairly significant health crisis. To give you a taste of what Zilla is going through…

Beginning in the first week of January and going throughout February, I had been given six rounds of four different antibiotic medications to no avail, the infection that started in my tooth which had spread into my ear and my sinuses would improve after a couple of days of treatment and then revert back to horrible within a day or two of  the course of completion of each course of antibiotics. I have dangerous reactions to many of the most widely used antibiotic medications so doctors are limited in what they can prescribe to me. There was one very strong antibiotic medication that i am known to be able to tolerate that my dentist said we could try as a last resort if the 6th round of antibiotics failed, which it did, so I was given a ten day treatment with Levaquin that finally got the raging infection in my head under control. I finished that course about a week and a half ago and tomorrow I go back to the dentist to get something permanent put over that tooth, most likely we will try a simple filling because I can’t afford any of the other options right now (I don’t even know how I am going to pay for tomorrow’s appointment) and it is still possible that I’ll lose the tooth and the bridge it holds up some time in the future – but right now I don’t care, I just want the temporary filling replaced with something stronger before I get infected again.

Please, if you have a moment, click here and read the full story. It’s gut-tugging and will explain why we need to help.



I first met Pete while covering the special election for the MA Senate seat left open when Ted Kennedy passed away. A handful of bloggers rented a flat in “Southie” and Pete was there for an all night video broadcast. I didn’t get a chance to really get to know Pete, but from the time I did get I was able to conclude he’s a stand up guy and a great fighter for the movement. I’ve since then crossed paths with him in New Hampshire and various other places, but every time I see him it’s at a bad time and I don’t really get to stop in for some in depth catching up. Maybe next time, Pete?

Anyway, Pete is going through some difficult times, as we have/are/will in this economy. But rather than demanding government come in and save the day, he’s put a call out to friends and allies to give him a hand. I for one will, and I’ll ask you to do the same.

Pete’s situation is unique in that it’s partly in existence due to the fact that he’s worked so hard and put so much effort into messaging for the movement. Pete is an EXCELLENT blogger and has a radio show that is growing leaps and bounds. He’s always in the trenches of the big political battles and he’s got his finger on the news at all times. He’s invaluable in our fight and we can’t let that go unrewarded in a time of need.

Please click here to read about Pete’s situation and give him a hand.

Hat/Tip: The Other McCain for the heads up

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Eric Odom