Florida Senate Race Now 100% Toss-Up

A lot (most, in fact) of political analysts have been hesitant to place Florida in the toss-up column when it comes to the GOP effort to defeat liberal incumbent Bill Nelson. This is understandable because much of what happens on the Senate race depends on what happens in the race for President. Florida is a big toss-up state in the POTUS general election, so the party that gains momentum on that front will see a trickle down effect on the Senate race. As it has stood in the past few months, without taking the POTUS race into consideration, Bill Nelson has held a slight advantage. But this has only been due to the fact that the GOP primary was a complete unknown and there wasn’t yet polling data on solid GOP candidates vs the incumbent.

That all changed today.

Republican Congressman Connie Mack now posts a seven-point lead over Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in Florida’s U.S. Senate race, and the incumbent remains just ahead of his other two potential GOP rivals.

This should be a wake-up call to the Florida primary electorate. Up until now Bill Nelson has been considered a long shot for the GOP. Picking up the Florida Senate seat was always a possibility, but it was also always an uphill battle. This new polling data shows Congressman Connie Mack, should he get through the primary, is very well positioned to remove Bill Nelson from office.

Our Senate race tracker now has Florida as a toss-up. Game on!


-Eric Odom