Video Highlights of Obamacare War at Supreme Court

Today we bring you four videos that show what kind of day yesterday was for the fight over Obamacare at the Supreme Court. As we all know, the defeat of Obamacare is critical in the movement’s fight to hold back the onslaught of attacks on the constitution that have unfolded under Obama. Justice Kennedy, likely the man who will decide the fate of Obamacare, appeared to shine in his questions yesterday and looks poised to act on behalf of the constitution.

The first video shows Jeffrey Toobin of CNN making a bold declaration that Obamacare will be struck down based on the flaws of the concept behind the individual mandate.

The second video shows Justice Scalia verbally backhanding Obama’s attorney on enumerated powers.

The third video gives you a glimpse of the mindset of Justice Roberts as he asks whether or not the government can mandate that you buy a cell phone.

The fourth video shows how Justice Kennedy is not at all soft to the arguments made by team Obama.

Eric Odom