69 Obama Lies

LibertyNews.com is now quickly becoming a premier news hub for the conservative movement. We’re less than a year old, but already rocking the boat with tremendous growth in daily traffic and online community. Unlike some of the others in the news realm, we don’t have extravagant budgets to work with and we’re supported by good people like you, our daily readers. Occasionally Grassfire Nation, our parent company, puts forth an excellent exclusive product that serves two purposes.

  1. Provides excellent research for messaging against the Obama machine
  2. Helps fund our efforts to further spread truth in news reporting

In this particular case it’s “69 Obama Lies” that you don’t want to miss out on!

From the special offer page.

He was hailed as a transformational figure who would usher in a new age of hope and healing to the American political landscape… But even before taking office, the reality that is Barack Hussein Obama has been marked by a dizzying array of lies and distortions that continue tearing at the very fabric of our nation…

Answering the call to chronicle and detail Obama’s Lies, Grassfire Nation’s researchers have compiled a chilling 122-page resource highlighting the dangerous and dishonest nature that is Obama …   

Right now Grassfire Nation is sending TWO copies of “69 Obama Lies” to anyone who contributes any amount to our efforts to combat leftist media spin!

CLICK HERE to order your two copies of “69 Obama Lies” and show your support for our efforts here at the Liberty News Network.

Eric Odom