Is George Zimmerman Being Prosecuted on “Media Evidence” Alone?

Many, MANY civil rights heads and left wing media outlets have been crying for weeks for justice in the case of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The call for justice is, obviously, a call we all share and hope for. Most Americans desire to see this case, just as any other case, played out in the actual justice system in a fair and legal manner. What most Americans may not realize, however, is that this case most likely already has.

How has this case likely already played out in the legal system? The government bodies in charge of the original investigation found no evidence that could/would lead to criminal charges. Which is why there was no arrest (initially). So why did Zimmerman’s parents have to place their home up for collateral for bail, why is Zimmerman now facing serious charges and why is he facing constant threats to his life and safety?

Media Evidence.

Media Evidence is a strategic use of information presented by the legal team, in this case Parks and Crump, and used to specifically and intentionally sway public opinion.  If you can build the public opinion strong enough, it can change the action of the politically dependent class of prosecutors in your favor.

When factual evidence does not support your demand for an arrest.  A specific intentional strategy is to create media evidence.   Media evidence need not be real, it merely needs to appear to be real.   The goal is to change opinion, and subsequently force an action the opposing party would otherwise not have taken.

You absolutely must read this citizen powered investigation of the facts in this situation. When you begin to see it all unravel you’ll find yourself sickened at how all of this is playing out. The entire report is worthy of a read, but I want  to publish what I believe to be one of the most important aspects of the findings here. A reminder of the outcome of the original investigation.

Indeed, even to this day there is not one cintilla of evidence ever presented after March 5th from any of the investigative teams including: the Sanford Police Department, Seminole County sheriffs office, Sanford District Attorney’s office and investigation unit, Special Prosecutor Angela Corey and her 65 person investigative team, the Federal Department of Justice or the FBI, that adds one factual evidentiary item toward changing the position held by the investigators office March 16th.

What did one of the lead investigators say when pressed for evidence in court?

O’Mara called to the stand Dale Gilbreath, one of the lead investigators who had signed the affidavit for probable cause swearing to its content.  Mr. Gilbreath acknowledged that there was no evidence to indicate who started a fight that happened after Zimmerman got out of his car and, at one point, ran after Trayvon.

O’Mara –  “Do you know who started the fight?” 

Gilbreath – “Do I know? No”

O’Mara – “Do you have any evidence that supports who may have started the fight?”

Gilbreath – “No.”

O’Mara – “Do you have any evidence, any evidence at all, any witnesses, any statements, anything that would contradict Mr. Zimmerman’s assertion?

Gilbreath –  Err, no.  Well, do I know who punched first?  No.


No sane American can claim it’s not a tragedy to see a loss of life occur. But we also have to think it a tragedy that powerful media can place a man behind bars and ruin his life when all of it is potentially completely undeserved.

Food for thought…

Eric Odom