Lieberman: Obama “Not Responsible, But Accountable” For Secret Service / G.S.A. “Culture of Corruption”


Appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Senate Armed Services Committee member Senator Joe Lieberman (Connecticut) said:

“…It would be unfair to hold President Obama Responsible for this outrageous behavior at the Secret Service and the GSA, but it is fair to hold the President Accountable…The buck stops at the President’s desk…”

Unfortunately Obama Administration corruption does not start nor end there.  The long list of  “the Chicago Way corrupto-cratism,” continues to pile up items, including prominent schemes like the socialist cronyism epitomized by the Solyndra Scandal, the Obama / Holder failed gun-tracking / cartel murder fiasco, Fast and Furious, the “wait until after the election capers:” Medvedev Russian Whispers, and the Buffet Burlington Railroad Benefitting Keystone Pipeline Cancellation. The list goes on and on.

Michelle Malkin called it correctly in her 2009 blockbuster, hardcover book titled, “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies),” in which she alleges multiple instances of corruption.

And apparently Joe Lieberman knows that holding the Obama administration responsible will not work, because, as we have all witnessed, he and his corruptocracy consistently deflect responsibility, either to former President George Bush, or to some other entity other than themselves, as if incorrectly assigning responsibility would justify their current crimes.

Lieberman therefore uses the term: “Accountable” in lieu of “Responsible,” of course implying that if the morality and the ethics are not there from “within,” then it is up to those who can instill that from “without” to do so.

On November 6th, will you be there to do so?

Vanguard of Freedom