“No need for anyone but law enforcement to carry firearm…” Police Chief wants open carry banned in small Missouri town?

Via All American Blogger we learn that a city council in Missouri is considering a ban on citizens carrying firearms openly. The consideration comes as the result of a request made by the Police Chief.

The Washington City Council is considering a ban on open carry of firearms. Police Chief Ken Hahn has asked the council to pass an ordinance that would prohibit people from openly carrying a firearm in the city.

There is no need for anyone other than a law enforcement officer, or the military, to openly carry a firearm in the city.

All American Blogger points us to a fantastic statistic, one the city council should have plenty knowledge about.

Speaking of Ding-Dongs, that brings us back to the Police Chief. Do you know the crime statistics for Washington, Missouri? I do.

In 2010, there were exactly 0 murders in Washington. Zero.

You read that right. Not only where there zero murders by a citizen wielding a firearm… there were zero murders period.

A parting thought from All American Blogger.

And what do you call a country where only the law and the military openly carry firearms?

Eventually, you call it North Korea.


-Eric Odom