OK Nancy, we passed it…

And sure enough, we’re finding out what’s in it.

The Daily Caller has a great piece today on just what we’re finding out. And, it’s not nearly as pretty as Nancy’s botox filled face. Hmmm. I suppose I should apologize for that catty remark, but no.

Anyway, US Senator Jeff Sessions has gone through the bill and here’s the bottom line from the Senator…

“President Obama told the American people that his health law would cost $900 billion over ten years and that it would not add ‘one dime’ to the debt… this health law adds an entirely new obligation—one we cannot pay for—and puts the entire financing of the United States government in jeopardy,” Sessions said in a floor speech.

“We don’t have the money… We have to reduce the [obligations] that we have.”

Could the President and his lackeys in the Democratic House and Senate have possibly either miscalculated or, heaven forbid, lied to us about the cost? Heh.

What’s the difference, you ask? Well, it’s only $17 trillion dollars. Wow!, you say, that’s a lot of money! Well, yes it is, but it is spread over 75 years so we’re really kicking the can way down the road. And I’ve got some great swamp land in Kansas I can let you have cheap if you believe that one. Let’s take a look at what we’re facing if somebody doesn’t show some real courage and take a chainsaw to the size and scope of our government.

  • Current sovereign debt obligations: $15 trillion.
  • Unfunded Social Security obligations: $17 trillion.
  • Unfunded Medicare and Medicaid obligations: $82 trillion.
  • And, ObamaCare’s newly discovered shortfall: $17 trillion.
  • Total: $141 trillion dollars. And that, gentle reader, is a stack of $100 bills that is just about the same size as President Pinocchio Obama’s nose.

President Obama and his campaign team will argue that the health care numbers are over stated. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say it’s only $8 trillion. The question doesn’t change, where does the money come from? Darned if I know. Our current “budget” – in scare quotes because we haven’t had one of those pesky things for the last three years – is about $3.4 trillion and roughly 40% of that is borrowed money.

Time for the bottom line. It’s time for our elected officials to get serious because we are, in fact, running out of time. Even Paul Ryan’s budget, which was called “draconian” by most on the left, doesn’t give us a balanced budget but at least it’s a start. The Tea Party Senator’s budget is significantly better, it balances in five years.

Yes, it’s a political minefield. So what? We have to act. We can’t rationalize the government we’ve allowed and even encouraged and fixing it will be a major sea change. Not fixing it will be a disaster of unmentionable proportions. When candidates are seeking your vote this year, the question can longer be “what are you going to do for me?”, it has to be “what parts of the government are you going to close down” – note: NOT “make smaller”. Raising taxes is not an option, the numbers are too big, we can’t raise taxes enough to pay the bills. We have to dramatically, and quickly, downsize the US federal government, we have to stop spending money we don’t have.