PA Democrats Launch Ad on “Cookie Gate” Against Mitt Romney

At first I didn’t know if this was real or some sort of twisted attempt at satire. As it turns out, “Cookie Gate” is indeed something the media and Democrats feel compelled to use as a way to throw punches at Romney.

Is this what American politics has come to?

But for Romney, who is not known for his gift of the regular-guy gab, a table, eight regular people, microphones, cameras, cookies, lemonade, reporters, chips, and dead air that needs to be filled with things that people say, can often be a recipe for awkwardness.

“I’m not sure about these cookies. They don’t look like you made them,” Romney said, looking at two women who immediately disavowed ownership of the cookies. “They came from the local 7-11, bakery, or whatever.”

Democrats and marketers pounced and “Cookie Gate” was born.

“When I heard it, I thought, ‘Oh my goodness’ This guy has no idea how beloved this institution is that provided these cookies,” said John Walsh, whose Bethel Bakery shop, provided the cookies. “We wanted him to be welcomed with the best in the ‘burg, and he had no idea.”

As if that story in and of itself wasn’t enough to make you cringe, the PA Democrat Party decided the situation was big enough to warrant an entire TV AD campaign.

Democrats and media are sticking to their issues, not ours.

Eric Odom