PA Town Says Citizens Can Only Have Two Garage Sales Per Year


Yard sale on Green Street in .

This story is likely to strike up quite a debate.

The proposed ordinance, up for adoption next month, would limit each South Greensburg family to two yard sales per year. There’s also a time limit.

I’m conflicted on this at first glance. The proposed ordinance would be put in place to prevent “people going to flea markets, buying junk that they collect in these flea markets bringing it home, then putting it into their garage, and then calling it a ‘garage sale.’” That makes sense and I certainly don’t want my neighbors holding year round flea markets in their garages.

On the other hand, though, this is America. We are either a free nation or we aren’t. People can decide what to do on their private property or they can’t. While I would not endorse a year round garage sale next door, I also would use my God granted freedom to choose not to live next door to someone who is doing it.

Further more, I would guess the numbers of people doing this are very, very small. The vast, wide majority of people holding garage sales are people who do it once or only a few times per year. So because of the decisions of a small number of people, everyone get swept into the law of intrusive government nosing around where it shouldn’t.

My two…

Eric Odom