Raise Half a Million for Obama’s Campaign and Get a Gift of Power in Return… Become Ambassador!

Following the theme of this morning’s post about Obama publishing names of private donors to Romney’s campaign, let’s go ahead and talk about how he elevates his own donors to positions of power.

D.C. lawyer Timothy Broas, who has funneled more money to the political campaigns of President Obama than nearly anyone else, last week was recommended by Mr. Obama as the next U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands.

As a campaign “bundler,” Mr. Broas collected more than a half-million dollars for Mr. Obama’s 2012 campaign, raising money from family members, colleagues and other wealthy associates; four years ago, he assisted Mr. Obama’s successful bid for the presidency by raising between $200,000 and $500,000.

According to the Center for Responsive PoliticsMr. Broas becomes the latest of dozens of Obama “bundlers” who are already serving as ambassadors.

Seems fitting to throw in this video…

America has a President who promised to clean up Washington, move out the lobbyist, rid government of corruption and bring about positive change. Now his administration is the most corrupt, filthy, lobbyist driven office in government. And he managed to pull it off in less than four years.

-Eric Odom

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