Snap! Anti-Bullying Crusader Dan Savage on Republicans: “I wish Republicans were all f***ing dead”

Obama’s Administration appears to be friendly towards Dan Savage, an individual many on the left view as a sort of de-facto Anti-Bullying Czar. Obama has recently gone out of his way to promote Savage and his efforts to stomp out bullying.

Like many other school districts and organizations on the local level, the Obama administration has been taking on the issue of bullying. In doing so, officials have relied heavily on — and have promoted — Savage’s “It Gets Better” project. In fact, the relations between the Obama administration and the group are so tight that key government officials have even created videos for the campaign.

It’s all good in theory. But the good part ends when we realize the guy in charge of the project is one of the biggest bullies of them all.


Really, Obama? I mean really???

-Eric Odom