A Thirteen year old needs more ID than Obama…

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A 13 year old child, in order to acquire a SC sheriff’s ID, has to go through more hoops and paperwork than Obama did to become President of this country.

We travel with our granddaughter frequently, and will be taking her with us across the country by plane later this year. It will be the first time she has ever flown. Unsure of what she would need to get on a plane without a lot of hassle–which, given TSA penchant for feeling-up children and elderly is questionable at best–I called our local sheriff’s office. They didn’t know, but assumed she should have a photo ID along with her plane ticket, and something indicating parental permission to travel with us. The Dept of Motor Vehicles was supposed to have an answer as they create the ID cards.

Several calls to the local DMV went unanswered; the answering machine took the call and we did not get a return call. Of course, I did only leave a message once.

Using common sense, we figured a birth certificate and social security card. The birth certificate that her mother received when the child was born isn’t good enough. In spite of having a raised seal, a signature, the name of the hospital, etc., it isn’t considered “official.” That meant going to DSS and paying to have a small card type “certificate” printed. That’s the official one–the one you pay for, and you can’t laminate it or do anything to protect it.

Okay, so we had the official ID papers, and it was off to the DMV. Not so fast. She is required to have a third piece of paper. They asked for a “school ID.” My granddaughter gave them the typical teenager deer-in-the-headlights look. She goes to a small private academy. They don’t give student IDs. Okay, so her report card. Not out yet, and the school actually gives a collection of report sheets, one from each teacher with the year’s accumulation of grades, not a single card. Okay, her name and address in a letter from the school on school letter head will also suffice. After all, neither her birth certificate nor her social security card actually proves that she is a resident of her town? Really? Why not? It has her place of birth listed on it…. and she’s trying to get an ID card in the same town.

When the lady at the DMV tried to explain the skewed logic of the requirements, I just couldn’t resist. I looked her and said, “How bizarre. Obama didn’t need any of that to become President.” She looked back and just shrugged.

In all fairness, I finally did call the actual airline we will be taking. They told me that if the child is under 18, she doesn’t need a photo ID, just her ticket and some form of authorization that she has permission to travel with us. I assume a letter from her mother would do that,–although how they will know that she is who we say she is escapes me since her mother won’t be there.

At one time, the audacity of letting Obama into the White House without even a valid social security number would have left me reeling in disbelief. Now I just shake my head in disgust, knowing that it’s an introduction to the way a socialist regime would work. A person getting any kind of job nowadays can expect a background check, a drug test, and will be asked for proof of Identity. If they lie on the application, they will be fired as soon as they are caught. We all know that, and in the interests of safety, and whatever else, most of America has accepted those demands.

At the same time, we all know, nor has anyone ever refuted or explained the appearance that Obama has used multiple social security numbers. Those in power, as with any socialist regime, will not ask their little god and will not allow the people to ask why this stranger among us referred to himself as having been born in Kenya for 16 years, and then, when it became politically expedient changed it to Hawaii–with no birth certificate, no recognizable SS number, and no school ID, in fact, no school or college records of any kind.

Lou Dobbs had the courage to ask a guest on his show why this topic is “taboo.” Anyone listening will recall that Dobbs did not get an answer, at least not an answer to the question he was asking. To verify the identity of a 13 year old girl, we need a letter on school letterhead. When people ask Obama for ID, he winks, his audiences laugh, Huff Post claims “overwhelming evidence (which no one has seen), and politicians and judges dismiss the people and ignore the question.

From Sheriff Arpaio to Lou Dobbs, Joseph Farah, Jerome Corsi, Attorney Pidgeon, the Secretary of State of AZ, and scores more–Americans are asking for a simple proof of identity of the man they blindly and foolishly trusted with our country. The questions abound and are getting louder. The answers do not appear to be forthcoming. What will it take to get the truth about the person who is supposed to be leading the most powerful country on earth?

-Dr. Karen Ruff