Alinsky Trained Radical Using Tax Dollars to Indoctrinate

Are you ready to see how an Alinsky trained radical is using tax dollars to inject racist propaganda into the social services infrastructure of America? Read through this post and you’ll get a good look at how it works.

Let’s start this story out with an “Active Anti-Racist Ally” checklist.


Names issue as racism
Recognizes and makes unearned privilege visible
Dismantles internalized dominance and the belief in the racial superiority of self as a white person
Challenges other whites
Interrupts collusion with other whites who seek to maintain their power and privilege
Breaks silence and speaks up
Seeks and validates critical feedback from People of Color
Facilitates the empowerment of People of Color
Consistently challenges prevailing patterns
Takes personal responsibility
Acts intentionally and overtly
Is consistently conscious
Behaves as a change agent
Promotes and models change for other whites

Now that you have a checklist to help you know if you’re an ally of the anti-racists at the “Anti-Racist Alliance,” go ahead and get familiar with the following topics.

  1. White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
  2. White Privilege Shapes the U.S.
  3. Teaching about Whiteness
  4. Misperceptions Clouds Whites’ Attitudes of Blacks
  5. Poll questions/answers
  6. Why Whites think Blacks have no problems
  7. Highly recommended readings
  8. Diversity Dead-End: Inclusiveness Without Accountability
  9. Recommended Undoing Racism DVDs
  10. Little White Lies: An Interview With AntiRacist Activist Tim Wise
  11. Index of Tim Wise articles and essays
  12. Take an imaginary journey into the experience of whiteness
  13. Black Scientists Less Likely to Win N.I.H. Research Grants, Study Finds –
  14. Un-Fair Campaign It’s Hard to See Racism When You’re White

What you’ve just seen is an extensive list of racism filled, racially driven, divisive propaganda. All courtesy of a group called the “Anti-Racist Alliance.” The group is primarily organized by Ron Chisom, a Saul Alinsky disciple who also manages “The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.” What’s their homepage explanation?


The fabric of racism is inextricably woven and constructed into the founding principles of the United States. Racism was done and it can be undone through effective anti-racist organizing with, and in accountability to the communities most impacted by racism. The People’s Institute believes that effective community and institutional change happens when those who serve as agents of transformation understand the foundations of race and racism and how they continually function as a barrier to community self-determination and self-sufficiency.

This nation has always reflected rich diversity from the innumerable multitude of indigenous cultures that inhabited and sustained this land prior to arrival of European explorers to our present composition. Yet, unequivocally, whites continue to fair significantly better than all people of color. In our workshops, we analyze power and how it is used to maintain this racial divide, in hopes of achieving equity and equality across all cultures and races.

In other words, everyone who isn’t white is a victim of whites. Using a simple Google search I found plenty of “funds” that pump big money into environmental and “social change” organizations who utilize “research” put together by Chisom’s crew. For example, the “Appalachian Community Fund” uses Chisom’s research as a primary source for their “Anti-Racism” information page. And just what kind of groups does the Appalachian Community Fund financially support. Have a look.

Here is an example of money flowing into Chisom’s bank accounts via the Massena Foundation.

People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
Grant restricted to the Men of Color Gathering program. ($1,700.00)
Men of Color exploring our histories, advocating for our families and supporting each other to fight racism and
strengthen our communities.

That’s just one of MANY examples where radical “social justice” money is circulated to keep these entities running at full strength for the purpose of community organizing around racial tension. Now, you can make the argument this is a free country and this radical money is a result of that. Fine, but what happens when tax dollars become a part of the equation? Because that’s exactly what is happening via the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. The DSHS is forking over $36,000 for a couple of training classes about racial divides in the child welfare system.

The second contract, announced this week, awards $36,000 to a New Orleans company known as The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, which will offer three two-day sessions of its trademarked “Undoing Racism” presentation between June 12 and Dec. 31.

“This training,” the announcement notes, “is specifically customized to address issues and raise awareness concerning the relationship between racial disparity/disproportionality in the child welfare system and systemic and institutional racism.”

Founded in 1983 by community organizer Ron Chisom, one of the People’s Institute’s guiding principlesis that, “The fabric of racism is inextricably woven and constructed into the founding principles of the United States.”

According to the company’s website, “…unequivocally, whites continue to fair (sic) significantly better than all people of color. In our workshops, we analyze power and how it is used to maintain this racial divide…”

Chisom himself, was “apprenticed by several legendary community organizers, including Saul Alinsky,” author of “Rules for Radicals.”

And it was a no-bid contract.

This is an amazing example of how our own money is taken from us, then spent in ways that create further division across America. Worse, the money is funneled into the hands of radicals hell-bent on pushing their agenda into the fabric of our great nation.

-Eric Odom