Allied Afghan Soldiers Secretly Collaborate With The Taliban Against US Troops

Some allied afghan soldiers are, reportedly, secretly aligning themselves with the Taliban.  This collaboration threatens to undermine the Afghan authorities’ attempts to maintain order in the wake of NATO troops preparing for departure from the country.

Afghan army lieutenant Mohammad Wali admitted to working in collusion with a local Taliban commander.   “We lost seven men in an ambush when I first arrived at the base,” Wali, explained.  “So I thought, why risk my life when there’s another way?”  Shared intelligence, between the two, includes a plan to loot NATO supply convoys and divide up the proceeds. Engagement in military operations is also part of the plan.

Mohammad Hassan, local Taliban commander, said that he had hit dozens of convoys in this manner.  Approximately 20% of NATO supply convoys come under attack in Afghanistan.  And, as Outlook Afghanistan notes: “Such cases must be taken as serious and the Taliban sympathizers hiding among ANSF should be identified. If not, more green on blue attacks and attacks on NATO-supply containers should be expected.”

Additionally, according to Rawa News: “In its own internal assessments, NATO acknowledged that that there has been a ‘conspicuous increase’ in intelligence indicating cooperation between the NATO-trained Afghan security and the Taliban, according to the newspaper.”

Complicating matters, the heads of the House and Senate intelligence committee have disclosed that the Taliban has become a more formidable force since 33,000 more U.S. troops were deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.  And, all of this is taking place in an environment of deteriorating security conditions.

-Candice Lanier