Daily Caller: Media Matters & Senator Tell Reporters To Ignore The Solyndra Scandal

 Nevermind a report issued by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, titled “The Department of Energy’s Disastrous Management of Loan Guarantee Program,” Media Matters and and Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons teamed up Thursday to urge reporters to ignore the Solyndra scandal.

Vince Coglianese of the Daily Caller reports:

“…’Media Matters is watching the news all day, every day,’ Media Matters President Matt Butler declared during a Thursday morning call with reporters. After ‘the year-and-a-half long failed investigation of Solyndra” — the collapsed Department of Energy-backed solar company that cost taxpayers $535 million — ‘clean energy opponents are not letting up,’ Butler lamented…Supporters of green energy should not allow talk of the the Solyndra debacle, and other skepticism directed at federally subsidized fossil fuel alternatives, to overshadow ‘scores of success stories surrounding American clean energy companies,’ Butler said…”

“Failed Investigation?”

You can get back in your chair now, because there’s more.

“…’This is a moment where if America’s going to lead [on energy policy], we have to work together,’ Coons continued, referring to “work[ing] together’ with private sector energy companies through government assistance…Coons mentioned that he had attended the ARPA-E Summit earlier this year — where green energy proponents gathered and concluded that tax breaks were needed to spur growth in the industry — and noticed that the private green energy market was already moving on its own…’

More tax breaks; more favoritism? more tax payer money down the drain? Is this what Media Matters and Senator Coons are advocating?

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform report, titled “The Department of Energy’s Disastrous Management of Loan Guarantee Program” found that:

“…After conducting a substantial review of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) loan
guarantee program, it is clear that the significant losses absorbed by taxpayers as a result of Solyndra’s collapse is just the beginning. The investigation conducted by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has uncovered numerous examples of dysfunction, negligence and mismanagement by DOE officials, raising troubling questions about the leadership at DOE and how it has administered its loan guarantee programs…This report will demonstrate how DOE loan commitments exposed taxpayer funds to excessive risk as a result of DOE’s bias toward approving loans without regard to warning signs. The Committee identified many cases where the DOE disregarded their own taxpayer protections, ignored lending standards and eligibility requirements and, as a result, amassed an excessively risky loan portfolio. After review of internal emails, staff have identified instances demonstrating that when DOE faced barriers that placed loan approvals at risk, DOE staff simply sought to justify and overcome the barriers, rather than giving the barriers due consideration…” (See “Chu Gets A Grilling”)

And says Coglianese:

“…The Media Matters event also featured NRG Energy president and CEO David Crane, RELYANT executive and retired Gen. Steven Anderson, and Judith Albert of Environmental Entrepreneurs. They all called for more federal government support of green energy, a staple of the Democratic agenda…Anderson, who also served as the chief logistics officer for Gen. David Petraeus in Iraq, and described himself as a “conservative Republican,” warned that not advancing renewable energy plans could pose a “national security” risk…’I’m absolutely convinced DOD [the Department of Defense] needs to take a decisive leadership role on this as well,’ Anderson explained…”

Aha! It’s now a matter of National Security that they continue to bite the necks of taxpayers, to draw out more blood for the ever-thirsty energy vampire.

Mind you, the article is about a media/propaganda organization that sets the Socialist agenda for what passes as “the media,” teaming up with a U.S. sitting Senator, basically to claim that what millions of Americans, and the House Oversight Committee Congressmen claim is basically bogus.

There appears to be, no remorse, no shame, no ability to introspect, no regard for the money/property of others, no sense of accountability, no claim of responsibility for the wanton waste of millions of taxpayer’s dollars squandered to pay for political favors with “crony socialism.”

But what can you do? Can you fight back? Can you counter this insanity? You bet you can!

From Grassfire Nation:

“Grassfire Nation is giving grassroots citizens an opportunity to demand answers as well through our national “Stop the ‘Eco–Cronyism’ That is Bilking Billions from Taxpayers” petition. Grassfire officials are eager to deliver petitions directly to the chairmen of these investigating subcommittees and other key leaders in a powerful show of support.”

There is NO reason to let corrupt politicians continue their efforts to bankrupt the nation. Coglianese quotes the General they trotted out to make the claim of “national security.”

“…’Our oil addiction, I believe, is our greatest threat to our national security — not just foreign oil, but oil in general…I believe in CO2 emissions and climate change and the instability that all drives,’ Anderson said. ‘I think that increases the likelihood that there’ll be conflicts in which American soldiers are going to have to fight and die somewhere’…”

This is as unbelievable as it is absurd. But you can take immediate action to counter this insanity right now. That political element is not automatically entitled to your hard earned money. You can join with Grassfire right now to tell them that:

“As a taxpaying citizen of these United States, I support Congress’ investigation into the escalating “Eco–Cronyism” scandal involving billions in taxpayer dollars being funneled to so-called “green” companies like Solyndra, First Solar, SunPower Corporation and ProLogis. I demand full disclosure, public hearings and accountability for these Obama Administration-backed efforts that have bilked billions from taxpayers. Cronyism under the guise of the saving the environment is still cronyism and must not be tolerated.”

Liberals and their propaganda media surely believe you will just sit back and do nothing to counter their claims and actions.

Are they correct? I think not.

Sign the petition and get into action now HERE.



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