Meet The People That Are Going To Help You “Like” ObamaCare

Amanda Carpenter, writing for the Senator Jim Demint Blog: “Pickpocket” alerts Tea Partiers to the government propaganda mill, “spending millions of dollars to better market its comparative effectiveness research.”

“What,” you ask, “is Comparative Effectiveness Research?” Carpenter says:

“…comparative effectiveness research is what the government uses to analyze various healthcare treatments and outcomes to determine what kind of care government-run healthcare programs will pay for. Or, to put it more succinctly, how the government will ration care. Earlier this year, for example, the Department of Health and Human Services recommended against routine mammograms for women under 50…The Obama Administration awarded Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide two contracts worth $26.5 million in 2010 for the purpose of creating a “publicity center” that would, according to the contract, “market and promote comparative effectiveness” products developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services…Ogilvy is now in its second year implementing the campaign. In the first quarter of this year it reported “full-fledged planning efforts for two national campaigns—one targeting consumers and one targeting health care professionals.” …”

Who or what is Ogilvy? Yes, it’s a private PR firm. From their web site:

“…We believe in behavior change for a better world and the power of businesses to foster movements to drive individual, societal and business benefits. Companies that facilitate such behavior change more deeply engage consumers by supporting them in actions like managing their healthcare, developing better nutrition habits, and protecting their homes and assets. These actions, in turn, generate meaningful benefits for businesses including increased sales, market expansion, reduced costs, strengthened brand positioning, and an enhanced reputation and leadership profile.

“OgilvyEngage is built on Ogilvy Public Relations’ nearly 30-year legacy of social marketing, a proven discipline that applies principles and techniques to prompt and support behaviors that benefit society as well as the individual. Our expertise has crafted award-winning public health and safety campaigns to get people to buckle up, get screened for colon cancer, purchase flood insurance and more…”

Now that you know where your tax dollars are going, propaganda-wise, aren’t you just thrilled that the marketing and persuasion efforts of such an effective “behavior changer” are being used to “persuade” you to like or accept government programs?

From the Ogilvy (aptly named) “Red Papers” series, “From Cause to Change: The business of behavior,”  we get the following:

“Purpose-driven profit has largely been the focus of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability programs for some time, but PSE [Puget Sound Energy, a public untility company in Washington State] has seized a new opportunity: the harnessing of the power of behavior change to grow bottom lines and improve the connection with the priority audiences which are critical to achieving performance, sustainability, and social responsibility goals. This is an avenue that can increase demand, boost sales, reduce costs, and increase the impact of existing social responsibility initiatives and commitments. While movements to educate or drive awareness about social issues are vital, affecting the components of personal behavior — our attitudes, our motivations, our abilities, and more — can push people toward actions that matter: the routine purchase of socially responsible goods and products or the use of or engagement with socially conscious services. Actions like those — and hundreds of others — lead our world toward better results for individuals, society, and business.”

“Push people toward actions that matter..”  Not necessarily the actions that YOU think matter.

Now, Which actions that matter to whom, do you think you will be “persuaded,” to accept?

If you guessed: “those with the values that think you should accept ObamaCare,” you Win the Socialist Grand Prize!

Carpenter tells us more:

“…According to documents filed with the government, the Ogilvy campaign is expected to have a significant online presence and will establish virtual centers on the websites WebMD and Medscape…The money funding the Ogilvy publicity center and marketing campaign came from President Obama’s stimulus bill…After receiving these large healthcare contracts, Ogilvy has actively promoted other portions of the White House’s agenda, as well. In 2011, the firm was one of three that produced a public service announcement for First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign pro bono…It features a mother tricking her daughter into running up and down the staircase in their home in order to get exercise.”

Here, by the way is that notorious Public Service Announcement…and no, the PSA is NOT titled: “Teaching Your Child That Lying is OK.”

According to Carpenter, Ogilvy has received 3 contracts funded by Stimulus money totaling $33.5 million.

You knew you were being “raped” by the government (figuratively speaking, of course). Now you know that you are also paying handsomely to be persuaded to like it.



Van Guard
@ Vanguard of Freedom