NYC To Ban Venti Size Coffee, Large Slurpees

Never before in my life did I think I would see days like I’ve seen in the past couple of years. From the passage of the unlawful healthcare mandate, to a DOJ that works against the people, not for them, to now… NYC banning Venti Coffee’s at Starbucks.

New York City plans to enact a far-reaching ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts, in the most ambitious effort yet by the Bloomberg administration to combat rising obesity.

The proposed ban would affect virtually the entire menu of popular sugary drinks found in delis, fast-food franchises and even sports arenas, from energy drinks to pre-sweetened iced teas. The sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces — about the size of a medium coffee, and smaller than a common soda bottle — would be prohibited under the first-in-the-nation plan, which could take effect as soon as next March.

I try to stay away from soda and slurpees, but I love a good Venti Coffee. Sometimes I’ll even splurge and go for a non-fat white mocha (no whip) in the Venti size so I can reheat the bottom half an hour later. But, see, that’s my choice. If it isn’t my choice, then I am no longer a free American. And if I’m not a free American, then America is no longer a free country.

What a sad realization… it’s all slipping away and we elected those destroying it.

-Eric Odom

Via: Drudge