Planned Parenthood to Spend $1.4 Million Against Romney

Yesterday we posted a video showing how sick Planned Parenthood has become with regards to their desire to kill fully developed infants. While that video should have been enough to provoke ALL Senators and Members of the House to immediately call for an instant end to funding of Planned Parenthood, we instead must report that the¬†organization¬†will continue getting tax dollars for their practice. Worse, they’re now gearing up to spend $1.4 MILLION attacking Mitt Romney for taking a stand against them.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund unveiled an advertising campaign Wednesday in swing states painting Mitt Romney as the wrong choice for women, a critical voting bloc in the battle for the White House.

Backed by $1.4 million, the spot will run on broadcast and cable television in West Palm Beach, Florida, Des Moines, Iowa, northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., according to the political arm of the women’s health care organization.

America is better than this. I hope.

We’ll soon find out.

-Eric Odom