Recap of the G8 Summit


Highlights of the G8 Summit:

  • Straight Out of the Gate reports on the arrests of  NATO protesters in Chicago who were subsequently charged with terrorism-related offenses:  conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive or incendiary device.  These busy bees are also believed, by police, to have been making Molotov cocktails.  Later on, protesters were permitted to march down the middle of the street en route to Rahm Emanuel’s house.     More
  • The Gateway Pundit posted an article regarding Obama’s thoughts on the euro zone crisis.  Obama reportedly aligned himself with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and new French President Francois Hollande “by urging a solution to the euro zone crisis that combines fiscal belt-tightening measures with a ‘strong growth agenda.'”   More
  • President Obama briefly touched upon “female empowerment” at the summit, on which Fox News reports.        More
  • After engaging in a variety of recreational activities, it finally occurred to the group to discuss the financial fiasco at hand.  The MailOnline provides an in depth report.       More
  • According to RT.Com, the G8 summit ended with “no tangible result in saving Europe from financial crisis. Focused on debt-torn Greece, the world’s most powerful economies expressed support to Athens staying in euro zone despite a backup plan of its exit.”  Some behind closed doors conversation implies a different agenda may await Greece, however.  “Practically every financial analyst thinks that Greece will leave. It has to be an orderly withdrawal from the euro. Anything else would be a disaster,” Martin McCauley, senior lecturer at the University of London, told RT.           More

-Candice Lanier