Unions Spend $60 Million But Losing to Walker

Radical union operatives constantly spew the narrative that their opponents are all about big, special interest money and they’re standing up for the little guy. But behind closed doors union operatives spend jaw-dropping amounts of campaign cash to silence their political foes. Wisconsin is a perfect example, where more than $60 MILLION has now been spent in an attempt to defeat Scott Walker.

Led by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Service Employees International Union (SEI) and Wisconsin-based and other states’ teachers unions, their low-level attack is aimed at sinking Gov. Walker and his Republican majority in the Wisconsin Assembly, thus to reclaim power over how taxpayer dollars are spent.

The campaign seeks to dissemble facts and distract from – or rather, ignore — real issues, mainly fiscal. Put simply, unions want a return to golden oldie days when they, through their Democrat marionettes, pretty much ran things at the Capitol in Madison.

To win, vituperative anti-Walker forces are putting up an estimated $60 million in ad dollars, all derived from union brethren from all parts of America. Call this solidarity. Last year union activists unleashed 3,000 recall petition carriers across Wisconsin, apparently not content to await the next election.

That’s a stunning number and goes to show what an individual who wishes to scale back spending and the scope of government will be up against. Wisconsin voters, however, appear poised to defeat the unions and their big money warchest. If Barrett’s own internal polling, along with the more public numbers, are any indication of what is to come, the unions are in big trouble.

Independent polls show Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker leading opponent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett by 6 to 7 points in the June 5 recall vote. So what’s the public to do with Barrett’s own data — polls (here and here) that show the recall is a statistical dead heat?

Veteran campaign staffers on the left and right will tell you Barrett’s internal polling suggests his campaign is dead.

Sometimes, the release of such internal polling is meant to bolster the sagging spirits of campaign staffers and volunteers looking into the oblivion of total defeat. I once worked on a campaign in which, days before election day, we field staffers were told that our last internal tracking poll had us tied with our opponent.

We were ecstatic. And then we lost by 8 points.

Granted, this recall race is still a toss-up. That said, if the unions win it won’t be as shocking as it they lose. That kind of well funded, coordinated attack on conservatives going down in brutal defeat will send shockwaves across America.

-Eric Odom

H/T: Doug Ross