Will Dick Lugar Fall?

Liberal Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar is just hours away from finding out whether or not he’ll be a Senator in 2013. The fact that we’re even writing this is stunning and the news is sending shockwaves through the GOP establishment. Senator Dick Lugar was elected to the Senate in 1976, which happens to be three years before I was born. In other words, Lugar has been in the Senate my entire life.

What are the odds? Not good for Lugar.

Polls show he is in serious trouble, with the most recent poll released Friday showing him 10 percentage points behind Mourdock.

The senator, however, kept his chin up on Friday, telling WISH-TV that he could win if his campaign managed to turn around five voters per precinct. “It’s very important Hoosiers take back our primary election from the outside world,” he said.

The poll shows tea party candidate Richard Mourdock up on Lugar by a whopping 10 points, holding his lead at 48% to Lugar at 38%.

Just how liberal is Lugar? Well, apparently a few days back he shifted his strategy to reaching out to Democrat voters to throw him a lifeline.

Most of all Lugar is hoping for an inflow of Democratic and independent voters to rescue him from the Republican base. “I’m not asking anybody to cross over,” Lugar said. “I’m just saying positively, ‘Register your vote, because if you do not, I may not be able to continue serving you.’ At this point, help.”

Lugar supported many parts of Obama’s bankrupt agenda and now he’s paying for it. Win or lose, tonight’s primary sends a strong message to the party. The tea party movement is alive and well, and if you confront it head on it will push right back with equal energy and stronger enthusiasm.

-Eric Odom