1995 Holder Vid Shows Desire to Brainwash Against Guns

The word brainwash is actually used by Holder at just past the 3:00 mark in the video. That said, the entire conference is dedicated to a major PR campaign aimed at changing the way people think about guns.


In the beginning of this great nation private ownership of guns was not only encouraged, it was a way of life. People understand firearms, they knew how to properly use/care for them, and no one was afraid of them. Now, thanks to efforts like this one from Eric Holder, entire cities like Chicago have policies in place that only allow governments and criminals to carry weapons. The results are nothing short of a nightmare.

Instead of making people afraid of guns, we should be making criminals afraid of law abiding citizens.

-Eric Odom

The video is being pushed across the web by the good folks at Breitbart.