After Dinner Links

  • Theo Spark: Why Liberals are Like Zombies
  • Bob Owens: Welcome to the Mainstream, Mr. Furious
  • All American Blogger: School Bus Monitor Abused By Students, Stranger Raises $318,000 (And Counting) For Her Online
  • The Right Scoop: Star Spangled Banner-hating libtalker Bill Press rips Ann Romney for ‘elite sport’ MS therapy
  • Moe Lane: Jay Carney pretty much flubs everything about Operation Fast & Furious.
  • Right Wing News: The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2012 Edition)
  • Weasel Zippers: Allen West: “Family Values, Not Government” Needed for Economic Stability in Black Community
  • iOwnTheWorld: Paul Krugman In Characteristic Modesty: ‘I Have Been Right About Everything’
  • The Corner: Krauthammer Not Sure if Pelosi is Pernicious or Whacky
  • Hot Air: Could Ron Paul’s delegates nominate him for VP at the GOP convention?
And a bonus must read:  Sundries Shack – Brian Williams and the Fast and Furious Shame Brigade

Bonus Video:

Tonight’s bonus video features a gun that you must have in your arsenal if you want to survive the looming zombie apocalypse: