After Dinner Links

Missed the Lunch Time Links.  I think I was somewhere over Virginia then.

Hope these links make up for it:

  • Fire Andrea Mitchell: Rep. Louie Gohmert says if GOP leadership doesn’t green-light contempt resolution for Eric Holder on Fast and Furious “we need new leadership”
  • small dead animals: Green Jobs: “Does a teenage kid who works full time at a record shop count?”
  • The Right Scoop: Red Meat: Michelle Malkin torches Sally Kohn for her phony civility
  • Hot Air: NYT bombshell: Some of Romney’s neighbors don’t like him much
  • The Corner: Zimmerman Prosecutor Flips Out
  • Marathon Pundit: Occupy Chicago: Protester arrested for assaulting cop with frying pan
  • Weasel Zippers: Bill Clinton Adviser On Why He Keeps Shanking Obama: He’s Too Old To Stay On Message…
  • Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal: Barack Obama’s Ties to the Marxist Led New Party and “Progressive Chicago”
  • Conservative Daily News: Congressman Louis Gohmert Torches Attorney General Holder in Fast & Furious Hearings
  • The Mental Recession: Conservative Bloggers Get Legal Help in the Fight For Free Speech

Bonus Video:

What would you rate the pucker factor on this video: