After Dinner Links

  • Hot Air: The left starts rationalizing Obama’s failures
  • National Review: The FDA Chomps Down on Cigars
  • The Right Scoop: Rep. Gowdy: Eric Holder needs to be sanctioned even if he turns over documents
  • Marathon Pundit: Romney: “Obama’s ‘reset’ policy toward Russia has clearly failed”
  • Lee Stranahan: Ron Brynaert Implies People Tried To Frame Him For Swatting Calls : Doug Stewart Responds
  • Doug Ross: Proven: GM’s bailout was simply a $26 billion payoff to the UAW
  • American Glob: Charles Krauthammer Ruins Obama’s Steak Dinner
  • The Dana Show: Guess Who Gets To Go Through Airport Security Again Tomorrow?
  • Say Anything: Shocker: Prosecution Selectively Edits Transcript Used To Indict Zimmerman’s Wife For Perjury
  • Weasel Zippers: Obama Administration Announces New Round of “Green Energy” Loans…

Bonus video:

Tonight’s bonus video has some language that isn’t safe for work, but it also has the 25 most awesome unscripted moments in film history:

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