After Dinner Links

Welcome home.

Put your feet up.  Grab a drink or something.

We got your links put together for you:

  • Patterico: Audio and Transcripts from the Hearing Where Aaron Walker Was Arrested for Blogging About a Public Figure (A little not about this one: if you don’t recognize the name Brett Kimberlin or Aaron Walker, check out this post first so you can get somewhat brought up to speed. The left is waging war against conservative bloggers and this case is the front line.
  • Instapundit: THE DEVIL OBAMA WEARS PRADA. New GOP ad hits Obama campaign for Wintour ad, jobs report.
  • Right Wing News – Milton Friedman In 2003 Vs. George Soros Today On The Euro
  • Newsbusters: CNN ‘Conservative’ David Frum Hails Bloomberg’s ‘Visionary’ Soda-Pop Restrictions
  • Hot Air – Walker: No plans for a recount; Update: Walker by 12?
  • Holy Coast – Mexicans Didn’t Realize That Obama Considers Killing People Part of His Job

Plus, a bonus video via The Right Scoop – Learn how to defend yourself IDF style