At $40,000 a Plate Fundraiser, Obama Channels Pain of Americans “Still Hurting Out There,”

Mark Knoller, veteran CBS News reporter and avid Tweeter, sent out two tweets yesterday that set the Twitterverse off.

First he tweeted:

Followed two minutes later by:

At a dinner with 50 millionaires, where a seat costs $40,000 a meal, President Obama spoke to these people about the plight of the common man and about “how much more we have to do.”

Behold the arrogance of the political liberal elite.

How much more you have to do?

He sees himself as some grand puppet master, pulling the strings yet confused why the puppets won’t dance.

It won’t dance because government has its knee on the back of its neck.

It’s not about how much you have to do.  You have done enough!

What needs to happen is for government to get out of the way and let the American spirit and the free market be free again.

Then we’ll see real improvement.

Hat Tip:  Twitchy