Chicago Police Chief Says City Wide Violence Is the Fault of the Pilgrims

It isn’t the fault of Chicago’s gun laws.

It isn’t the result of decades of liberal social engineering that has destroyed the black family.


The reason there is so much violence in Chicago’s black community is the pilgrims:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s newly minted police chief has become a quick study to the “Chicago Way,” which, apparently, requires McCarthy to engage in politically correct mumbo jumbo whenever possible.

The Chicago radio forum was no exception.

When asked about the “gap” between law enforcement and the black community, McCarthy reached back 400 years for an answer.

“It’s a big issue. It’s a long time coming. We’ve done a lot of things wrong in policing in this country. I’m willing to admit that,” said McCarthy. “But this goes back 200-300 years to the time when Pilgrims came here and things developed from that, the African American experience in this country.”

But the Pilgrims weren’t the only people being blamed for the violence. The superintendent also laid blame at the feet of America’s finest and inferred – without actually stating it – that white police officers are the problem.

You want to know why there’s violence in Chicago?

Lack of strong black families:

In 1984, Obama’s first year in Chicago, gang members gunned down a teenage basketball star, Benjy Wilson.

The citywide outcry that followed was heartfelt but beside the point. None of the prominent voices calling for an end to youth violence—from Mayor Washington to Jesse Jackson to school administrators—noted that all of Wilson’s killers came from fatherless families (or that he had fathered an illegitimate child himself). Nor did the would-be reformers mention the all-important fact that a staggering 75 percent of Chicago’s black children were being born out of wedlock. The sky-high illegitimacy rate meant that black boys were growing up in a world in which it was normal to impregnate a girl and then take off. When a boy is raised without any social expectation that he will support his children and marry his children’s mother, he fails to learn the most fundamental lesson of personal responsibility. The high black crime rate was one result of a culture that fails to civilize men through marriage.

Liberalism has destroyed the black family.  Liberalism has done more damage to the black community than slavery.

Look at the facts.  Look at the black family before 1965 and look at it today and ask yourself if the pilgrims did that?  Ask yourself if the police did that?

Or did liberalism do that?

Pilgrims are not to blame for the violence in the black community.  Moral busybodies and there “well meaning” social experiments are.