Gay Activists Flip Reagan the Bird During WH Gay Pride Celebration

Last week when President Obama invited gay activists into the White House to celebrate LGBT Pride MOnth, several activists decided to take photos of themselves flipping Reagan the bird.

From The Blaze:

Gay activists from Philadelphia reportedly posed for pictures while giving the middle finger to a portrait of former President Ronald Reagan during a recent trip to the White House, according toPhiladelphia Magazine:

Homosexuals have blamed Reagan since the 1980s for the AIDS outbreak, claiming he didn’t care. They say he has the blood of thousands on his hands.

Flat. Out. Wrong.

The rampant spread of AIDS in America directly relates to liberalism, as I noted here:

AIDS was first identified in the United States in 1981. Since then, “an estimated 1,051,875 people have been diagnosed with AIDS in America.” Close to 600,000 of them have died.

In 1983, there were only 1,500 cases of AIDS diagnosed in America, but the rate of infection was doubling every month. The gay rights community, however, was engaged in a campaign of intimidation against those who would label the disease “sexually transmitted.”

For example, the Stonewall Gay Democratic Club in San Francisco was one of the more powerful political groups in the Bay Area. It promoted the slogan, “Sex doesn’t cause AIDS – a virus does.”

According to David Horowitz, in his book “Radical Son,” the group was afraid that when 95 percent of the cases in San Francisco were among gay men, any correlation of the disease with promiscuous homosexual activity would “create a political backlash.”

Gay rights activists in government compounded the problem. Pat Norman was the Director of the Office of Lesbian and Gay Health in San Francisco’s health department. She was also the chair of the Coordinating Committee of Gay and Lesbian Services, which compared the screening of blood donors as “reminiscent of miscegenation blood laws that divided black blood from white.” They even compared it to the internment of Japanese during World War II.

During all this, the gay bath houses continued to operate. Some men there would have unprotected sex with up to ten other men a night. …

But because liberals were concerned about the political backlash of the facts, it was easier to blame Reagan for committing genocide against the gay community by not funding AIDS research than it was to close the bath houses.

How many cases would have been prevented if liberals had told the truth is impossible to calculate. However, we do know that there are more than a million Americans living with the disease today. More than 14,000 of them will probably die this year.

Gay activists, the same type of people who stood before the portrait of Reagan and gave him the middle finger, are more responsible for the spread of AIDS and thousands of deaths than Ronald Reagan. To them, politics took priority over the truth.