Liberty News Twitter Network

We’re building a Twitter list and we want to include YOUR tweets! Read below to find out how to get on the list.

Our Facebook page recently crossed the 15,000 fan mark and we’re thrilled to see our new site and its fan base growing so quickly! Today our new Twitter account hit 4,600 followers, so we’re seeing some exciting growth on that front as well.


Twitter is, without question, one of the greatest sources of news and information for our news team. A good portion of our daily news comes via videos, news stories and media tweeted out by those we follow. With this in mind, during the next few weeks we’re going to be building up a list of twitter profiles of those who regularly read/follow the Liberty News Network and

The good news is… you’re invited to get on the list!

Here is how this works. We’ve created a list page on Twitter that will stream the latest tweets from anyone we approve/add to the list. You can view/bookmark/follow the list here. Starting in July we will publish a website that displays all tweets coming from readers, the news crew and relevant tags. In other words… if you’re on the list your tweets will be on our website!

Joining the list is fairly simple, but there are a few basic guidelines we’ll follow to determine who gets added and who doesn’t. Our crew has full discretion and our decisions are in no way personal. We merely seek to make the list fruitful, relevant and useful for anone following it. The skinny:

  1. We’ll add those who tweet about politics/news/world events from the perspective of what is right. In other words, support of free-markets, less government, etc.
  2. We’ll add you even if a slight majority of your tweets are not “newsy” in nature, but we won’t add accounts that do not contain a daily dose of news. Remember, the purpose of this list is to be a resource for news and information… using crowd-sourcing to accomplish the goal.
  3. If you’re pushing out more than 150 tweets a day on average you are not likely to be added. There is nothing wrong with tweeting a lot more than the average user, but we aren’t looking to have a list wildly dominated by a very small number of users. The more diverse the sources of tweets can be, the better our list will be overall.

That’s it, that’s all. Ready to get on the list?

Click here to send out this tweet. That’s all you need to do and we’ll take it from there!