Morning Coffee Links

  • Ace of Spades: Overreacting to The V Word
  • American Glob: Jon Stewart Mocks Mitt Romney’s Wealth As He Rakes In Tons Of Cash, Buys Multiple Homes And Fails To Pay His Taxes
  • The Daley Gator: You know, everybody should still be blogging about Brett Kimberlin, and Neal Rauhauser
  • Evil Blogger Lady: David Axelrod in 1994 said George H.W. Bush was out of touch for golfing while the middle class was suffering…Barack Obama just played his 100th round of golf as President!
  • The American Pundit: Obama Sucks at Governance, So Media Concludes America is Ungovernable
  • Gateway Pundit: Daily Caller Reporter Neil Munro Slams Obama After Interrupting His Friday Press Conference (Video)
  • Weasel Zippers: Pic of The Day: Obama Bowing Again?…
  • Moe Lane: What to take away from the debunking of MSNBC’s fake Romney WaWa ‘scandal.’
  • Say Anything: “As an anarchist, I believe in organization.”
  • The Delivery: The Delivery Presents – Kurt Schlichter on Caring, Conservatism, and Zombies

Bonus Video:

This is one of the funnier pranks I’ve seen in a while. Love the look he gives her when he gets off the elevator: