Morning Coffee Links

  • Scared Monkeys: Gallup: Barack Obama Falls to 43% Approval Rating as the Walls of Obama are Crumbling
  • Weasel Zippers: New MSNBC Host: Racist Conservatives Fear Obama Taking Money From “White People”…
  • Evil Blogger Lady: Democratic Party activist and consultant Neal Rauhauser and his ongoing “war on women”
  • iOwnTheWorld: Washington Post Runs Anti-Catholic Ad/ Rejects Rebuttal Ad
  • Stop the ACLU: Success! Obama Spent $10B to Create 355 Jobs Per Year
  • Quite Normal: Video: Obama Power Grabs – a refresher course
  • The Other McCain: E-Mails Expose MSNBC Host’s Involvement in #StopRush Boycott
  • Sweetness & Light: ATM Lets Detroit Man Gamble Away $1.5M
  • NewsBusters: Joy Behar on GOProud’s Romney Endorsement: ‘Could It Be’ They’re ‘Just Attracted to His Sons?’
  • Theo Spark: Cartoon Round Up….

Bonus Video:

In this morning’s bonus video, a man is stopped for openly carrying a gun, which isn’t against the law, and cites the law. The police give him his gun back and let him go. Know your rights, know the law. This video shows why: