Pro-Life Bus Firebombed in Illinois, Local Media Shrugs

There are two stories in this post.  First, a well known pro-life school bus was the target of domestic terrorism in Rockford, Illinois:

A school bus covered in pro-life images that used to drive children to a local abortion clinic to pray was firebombed Friday night, report local advocates, who say the media have been negligent in covering the incident.

The bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, suffered extensive damage after vandals threw more than one device through the vehicle’s windows. Photos show some of the seats reduced to little more than metal frame and ash. The driver’s area was also bombed, and appears to be unusable.

The second story is how the local media cover the crime.  They didn’t.  Bloggers did:

In a video of the incident posted on the local pro-life blog, Rilott complained that the Rockford Register Star at first declined to do a story – but chose to run a piece this weekend highlighting an attack on the now-closed abortion mill that occurred 12 years ago. It also ran a story about another vehicle that was firebombed at about the same time as the bus.

Rilott said his group “tried all weekend” to get a story from the Star. “We did hear finally today they started to make some inquiries,” he said, although he expressed concern that it would be given little prominence. The Star has previously declined to report NIWC’s history of harassing pro-life witnesses.

Juan Williams condescendingly told Michelle Malkin he was a “real journalist, not some blogger.”

So-called “real journalists” aren’t covering stories like this one from Rockford, Illinois.  The “real journalists” are either scared or in chahoots with the professional left in America.

Here’s the video mentioned above: