Pro-Walker Marine Arrested at Union Rally Speaks Out

As reported at Ironic Surrealism, the pro-Walker Leatherneck who waded into a sea of union goons was arrested at that same rally.

For what?

Watch the video and you tell me:

Listen to the union crowd cheer as this man’s Constitutional rights are squashed.

Today, he spoke out at the PJ Tatler:

It begins: “My name is Dave Willoughby. I am the one in the video.”

“Without being told what I had done, I was handcuffed and escorted off premise. Placed in a squad car and taken to a police station. I asked if I should have my rights read to me and was told “You’re not being arrested.” My personal property was taken from me, I was fingerprinted, mug shot taken and locked in a dark jail cell (lights off) still handcuffed.

“I sat in that jail cell, looking out of a meshed wire window, at a large American flag flying in the background. Where am I? How can this be happening? What did I do wrong? I prayed for strength.

“When I swore the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I never realized until recently, how vulnerable our precious freedoms actually are.

“I did nothing wrong. There were literally hundreds of cameras at this event. I challenge all media to find one shred of evidence, which would support the actions of the Milwaukee PD officers.

There is none. This Marine did nothing wrong.

Here’s what the citation he was given said:

According to the police citation, which Willoughby read to me over the phone, Willoughby (seen at left at a Tea Party rally) is accused of the following: “During a political rally, subject raised a protest sign above his head in a manner that created danger to the public. Subject’s actions caused a disturbance during a political rally.” The citation carries a $185 fine and has a July court date. Mr. Willoughby is not in jail, but says that he will fight the citation on the grounds that he did absolutely nothing wrong and was exercising his free speech rights.

Not only does he need to fight the citation, he needs to get some loot from the city for their violation of his rights.

What do you think?