Reuters: Despite outrage, security leaks may go unplugged

Democratic and Republican intelligence experts in Congress are joining forces to condemn a series of jaw-dropping intelligence leaks which some Republicans charge are timed to boost President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.”

That’s according to Mark Hosenball and Susan Cornwell at Reuters. 

Hosenball and Cornwell:

“On Wednesday, the leadership from both parties of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees issued a rare joint statement deploring recent leaks which have included reports on U.S. cyber warfare against Iran, procedures for targeting militants with drones, and the existence of a double-agent who penetrated a militant group in Yemen.”

The Reuters reporters say:

“But castigating leakers and questioning their motives may be a lot easier than coming up with remedies that might make leaking more difficult and risky…[T]he current administration has largely avoided confronting journalists who obtain classified information – a step secrecy experts say prosecutors almost certainly would have to take if the government really wanted to put a lid on leaks. That step is full of legal and political peril, however, as it runs into the Constitution’s free press protections…”

A lot of talk but not a lot of action.

So are the politicians simply feigning “righteous indignation?”

And is this actually whole lot to do about nothing?

What do you think?


Van Guard
@ Vanguard of Freedom

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