‘Schindler’s List’ Producer Not Allowed to Address High School Class Because He’s Conservative

The co-producer of “Schindler’s List” was scheduled to give a speech to the graduating class of Ronan High School in Montana.  That is until some people found out was he was a conservative:

…when [Gerald Molen] showed up at the high school — about 90-minutesfrom his home in Bigfork, Mont. – the principal informed Molen that he would not be allowed to address students because he was a “right-wing conservative.” He was told that there had been some calls to the school complaining about the planned speech.

“He said some callers didn’t want kids exposed to that, despite not knowing what my message would be,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “

Exposed to what?  What did they think this man was going to say that would hurt their children?  Are they so insecure regarding the effectiveness of their parenting that a speech most graduates are ignoring is going to change the character of their children?

Instead, their children were exposed to the tyranny of the masses and how fear can drive a high school principal to treat a Marine like someone children shouldn’t be allowed to be associated with.

Can we honestly say this is better than a non-political message from a successful American veteran?  I say no.