Teacher’s Union President Brags About Using K-8 Kids In Wisconsin Recall Effort

Milwaukee Teachers Education Association President Bob Peterson was captured on video recently bragging about the efforts made to get K-8 children involved in the effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin.

Specifically, Peterson bragged about a district-wide program to put flyers of union propaganda in the backpacks of students. He also claimed credit for the union’s effort to physically drive parents and students to the polls to vote.

“We are, as a union, making some changes. We’re talking about reinventing ourselves and one of the things we’ve done this year is put full effort into changing the political process. … We got the district to pass out flyers to every K-8 student – the backpack flyer – to go home that says ‘go vote.’ We have teachers that organized buses at schools to bring parents out, high school students out. And finally, for the next 48 hours, that’s what we’re going to be doing – just get out to vote.”

While the message “go vote” may seem innocent enough, everyone knows what Peterson and his union are talking about. They have blatantly campaigned for Walker’s removal for months, and are perfectly aware that Milwaukee has millions of registered voters who identify with the Democratic Party. A big turnout in Milwaukee could play a major role in the outcome of the recall election.

Also worth noting is the mindset of those supporting the unions and the recall effort. Here’s a screen cap from the above video:

This useful idiot is wearing the clenched left fist, commonly used as symbols for communist and socialist groups.

These are the people with access to public school children. These are the people TEACHING public school children.

This is why Neal Boortz was right when he said:

Teacher’s unions don’t care about kids. They care about union members.