Use a Mac? You May be Paying More for Hotels

As a Mac user I have to admit… news that Orbitz appears to be charging more for rooms for those booking on a Mac instead of a PC is a bit insulting. The report doesn’t show how much higher the prices are, but makes it clear the prices are definitely higher.

When Orbitz, the online travel booking giant, learned that users of Apple products spend as much as 30 percent more than their Windows-using counterparts on hotels, the site began offering up pricier options first to those surfing from a Mac, the Wall Street Journal reports.

I’m a junkie. is owned by Expedia, not Orbitz, but I would be curious to see if the same is happening within the Expedia family. I’m in an all-Apple household so this is something I may never know.

For the record, this is a private sector decision and Orbitz has every right to do it. But we as consumers also have every right to avoid the company as a result of it.