Video of Self-Proclaimed Marxist at Occupy Philadelphia

Over the weekend, I was able to see a sneak preview of “Occupy Unmasked,” Andrew Breitbart’s last effort to show what the Occupy Movement really is. It was one of the most eye-opening and terrifying movies I have ever seen. You can pre-order the video here.

The movies shows how the movement is actually run by hard left organizations like the unions and directed by people on the ground. People like Lisa Fithian.

It’s easy for folks like Lisa to direct the masses, because most of them are people who would bend a knee before Stalin, or in this case, Mao:

Remember, these are the same people who find humor in the idea that the right is anti-science, when time and again they refuse to accept the facts of history. He’s so confident in his assertion that we don’t really know what happened in the Soviet Union under Lenin or Stalin. In his mind, it’s possible that Marxism was “co-opted” by Lenin, who was shipped in from Germany.

Useful idiots like these two are cannon fodder for the puppermasters behind the Occupy movement. They point them in a direction, tell them to go get the capitalist pigs, and watch from the back so they can proclaim their actions were by a few of the more radical elements, but not indicative of the movement as a whole.

Occupy is an organized, anti-American movement that doesn’t want “justice” or “fairness.” They want violent revolution.

That’s why self-proclaimed Maoists and useful idiots are drawn to it like flies to, well, you know.