Wildlife Officials Arrest Men for Catching Fish With Hands

Try and imagine a scenario like this unfolding back in 1780. Two men set up a system that helps corral catfish, then they go in and catch them by hand. Then, once some government entity learns of the act, the two men are arrested. Most, if not all people who lived at the time, would view such an arrest as an action that significantly endangers liberty and individual freedom. For the Iowa Department of Natural Resources… it’s just business as usual.

SELMA, Iowa (AP) — Wildlife officials have seized 174 pounds of catfish fillets from the home of a 28-year-old Iowan who was arrested with three others for illegally fishing by hand.

Yes, some concerned citizens will argue there are codes in place to protect fish populations. Fine. But an arrest? I just don’t see a way for a nation such as ours to claim to be free while having situations where Americans are arrested for catching fish with something other than a rod and reel.

Call me old fashioned…