NYC Ad Campaign to Ban Soda 87% Funded by Federal Government

We’re all aware of New York’s aggressive attack on liberty via bans on soda, coffee, popcorn and other items that are less than healthy when consumed in large¬†quantities. What we may not be aware of, however, is the fact we’re all paying for it… even if we don’t live in New York state or city. That’s right, the majority of the marketing campaign to ban soda in New York was paid for by the federal government.

The city has also waged a campaign to influence public opinion. Since 2009 it has run five waves of advertising, in subways, in print, on the Internet and on television, linking soda consumption to obesity. The campaign has cost $2.8 million, city officials said, of which 87 percent was financed by the federal government.

We only just heard about the push to ban soda a few months back. But, unknown to most of us is that our money has been used to brew the ban up since 2009.

Let’s stop arguing that we have a do-nothing government. Our government is very, very busy.