It’s no surprise California is the poster child for fiscal failure. Also, thanks to big government “nanny state” politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, etc, California is a state with a year round law factory as a legislature. The number of new laws flowing out of California government is astounding. And it doesn’t stop with state government. In fact, California’s appetite for laws gets all the way down in to the counties.

A perfect example of a useless law that some politician wasted time and money creating, followed by the county wasting time and money passing, is Kern County’s law against “boobie pillows.”

I kid you not.

Kern County, California’s government takes morality very seriously. Chapter 9.12.010 of the County Code states that “No vendor shall vend stuffed articles depicting the female breasts (sold as “boobie pillows”) within one thousand (1,000) feet of any county highway.” The punishment for each offense is a fine of up to $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail. Worse, “Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.”

The purpose of the boobie pillow ban, according to the Finding of Fact Leading to Enactment that accompanies the text, is to prevent children on their way to church from seeing such adult-themed merchandise.

Strangely, boobie pillows are the only adult-themed merchandise subject to the ban. So, according to the law, purveyors of smut can still set up shop almost anywhere they please. They just can’t sell “stuffed articles depicting the female breasts.”

As CEI notes, Kern County is currently dealing with a $25-$30 million deficit. Yet, somehow boobie pillows made the priority list.