Liberal Bullies Chick-Fil-A Employee At Drive Thru (Video)

UPDATE (via Eric Odom): Adam Smith pulled his original video. We have a new one up via Gateway Pundit. GWP also notes this guy has since scrubbed his LinkedIn profile and apparently has taken a lot of heat for this stupidity. 

This is really a typical liberal.

First, he’s sooooooo self-righteous.

Second, he wants something for nothing.

Third, adds nothing to the debate except a string of personal attacks.

That woman at the window is one of the people liberals supposedly defend, and this man did nothing but attack her.

Consider how many conservatives visited Chick-Fil-A today and were polite as could be to the staff while the one instance of hate comes from the left.

Just vile.

After the way she treated him, she deserves a raise.

Hat Tip:  Breitbart