Senate Democrats Decide for You Which College Degrees are “Worthless”

Now that the student loan industry is totally run by the federal government, the federal government will be deciding for you which degrees you can pursue and from what schools. Apparently you are not smart enough to make your own decisions on this matter. Democrat fireplug Senator Barbara Mikulski’s site spouted this bit of irony yesterday:

“I’m for choice and opportunity in higher education, but we cannot be enablers of debt without empowerment,”Senator Mikulski said. “It’s appalling that schools are providing students with worthless degrees while leaving families buried under debt. It’s wrong for families and the federal government to make investments in higher education and be left with nothing to show for it. I’m cosponsoring the Protecting Students from Worthless Degrees Act to ensure that higher education programs meet the accreditation or licensure requirements so when students graduate they are qualified to be hired for the job they’ve prepared for.”

God forbid we allow anyone to end up buried under debt with nothing to show for it.

The hypocrisy and lack of self awareness here is amazing. The Worthless Degree bill was co-sponsored by Mikulski (D-MD), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, Elijah Cummings (D-MD), ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, continues his crusade against private, for-profit educational institutions. Cummings claims that these institutions pay their executives too much and don’t provide students with the needed skills for employment.

I think we can see what the bee in the Democrats’ collective bonnet is here–profit. There’s no mention here of the multitude of “worthless” degrees from accredited state schools which prepare no one for employment in anything but teaching the next generation of worthless degree recipients.

This is a foretaste of what we can expect from government run healthcare–bureaucrats deciding what treatments are worth paying for. If only we had elected officials who were this eager to clamp down on worthless government programs.